If the city is not in this list, we can still cook for you just as long as it is within the circle radius on the map.

  • Florida

  • 30A Inlet beach
  • Rosemary Beach
  • Santa Rose Beach
  • Miramar Beach
  • Destin
  • Pensacola
  • Navarre
  • Panama City
  • Alabama

  • Orange Beach
  • Birmingham
  • Montgomery
  • Hoover
  • Tuscaloosa
  • Hunstville
  • Gulf Shores
  • Perdido Key
  • Louisiana

  • New Orleans
  • Baton Rouge
  • Meraux
  • Mandeville
  • Georgia

  • Augusta
  • Atlanta
  • South Carolina

  • Charleston
  • North Augusta
  • Hilton Head
  • Tennessee

  • Nashville
  • Franklin
  • Knoxville
Miles Calculation

The travel fee is calculated based off the miles. It's based on miles from where we are located.

Our zipcode is 32466. We are located in Panama City, Florida.

We charge $1 per miles one way if you are less than 100 miles away from us.

If you are more than 100miles away from us, we charge $0.5 per miles.

Picture above:

red circle = 100 mile radius

blue circle = 600 mile radius

Our Hibachi Catering Services Across the Southeast

Explore the culinary magic of My Hibachi Private LLC across multiple states in the Southeast. We proudly offer our hibachi chef catering services in the following locations:


Experience the flair of hibachi catering in the heart of Alabama. My Hibachi Private LLC brings a touch of culinary excellence to events across the state. From Birmingham to Mobile, our skilled chefs are ready to transform your gatherings into unforgettable celebrations.

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Indulge in the tropical vibes of Florida with My Hibachi Private LLC. Whether you’re hosting an event in Miami, Orlando, or anywhere in the Sunshine State, our hibachi catering services promise to elevate your occasion with sizzling flavors and captivating performances.

Contact Us in Florida: Phone: 850-818-2270

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Laissez les bons temps rouler with My Hibachi Private LLC in Louisiana. From the vibrant streets of New Orleans to Baton Rouge and beyond, our hibachi catering brings a taste of excitement to your events in the Pelican State.

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In the Peach State, My Hibachi Private LLC stands ready to add a touch of elegance and entertainment to your events. Whether you’re in Atlanta, Savannah, or elsewhere in Georgia, our hibachi catering services are tailored to suit your unique celebrations.

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South Carolina

Discover the charm of hibachi catering in South Carolina with My Hibachi Private LLC. From Charleston to Columbia, our culinary artists are prepared to turn your gatherings into flavorful experiences that linger in the memories of your guests.

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The music of hibachi sizzles in Tennessee with My Hibachi Private LLC. Whether you’re in Nashville, Memphis, or anywhere in the Volunteer State, our hibachi catering services promise to add a symphony of flavors to your special events.

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